Make Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags

Do you remember watching the Mickey Mouse cartoon, “Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip”? Mickey and Pluto need to return to Paloma and they are in Burbank. They decide to take the train home, only thing is dogs aren’t allowed on the train. Mickey sneaks Pluto on the train in his suitcase. Now he needs a special tag to identify his bag.

If the family is going on a trip you can quickly avoid luggage mix ups with special tags. One afternoon sit with your children and make Minnie and Mickey Mouse tags for your luggage. These tags are cute, fun to make and will help you quickly identify the correct luggage.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags

Make Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags By Cindy Littlefield

You’ll need:

* Template for Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Craft or scrapbook paper (black, white, and other colors for Minnie’s hat and the tag front and back)
* Colored markers
* Tiny flower sticker (optional)
* Self-adhesive laminating sheet (sold at office supply stores)
* Paper hole punch
* Ribbon
* Tape measure or ruler
* Pony beads (one per tag)


1. Print the template and use the pieces as patterns for cutting out a white paper face and a black paper head. Cut the front and back tag pieces out of contrasting colors. If you’re making a Minnie tag, cut out a paper hat in any color you child likes.

2. Use a pencil to outline eyes and a nose (1/2-inch ovals work well) and to draw a mouth on each face, as shown. Now your child can color in the features with black marker and add eyelashes for a Minnie tag.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags

3. Glue the face onto the head.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags 2

4. Next, glue the assembled head onto the tag front.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags 3

5. For a Minnie tag, use the marker to draw a brim line on the hat. Then glue the hat atop the head, as shown, embellishing it with a tiny drawn-on flower or a flower sticker.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags 4

6. Glue the tag front onto the tag back. Then print any contact information you’d like to include on the back of the tag.

7. Use a self-adhesive laminating sheet to seal the tag (front and back).

8. Punch a hole in the top of the tag and thread a 15-inch length of ribbon through the hole. Thread the ribbon ends through a pony bead, as shown, and slide the bead down to the top of the tag. Knot the ribbon ends together.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags 5

9. To attach the tag, simply loop the ribbon around the bag handle and slip the tag through the loop, as shown.
Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags 6

Having a Minnie or Mickey Mouse birthday party? Do you need something extra to put in the favor boxes? Make Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tags kits – Put all the supplies needed for the project into a zip bag, with the printed template and instructions. Your are ready to go with a great take home craft for the kids.

Go here for your plates, napkins, stickers or any other item you need to complete your party. They’re all on this page, Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Supplies or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Supplies so, take a look.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Backdrop

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