Ladybug Party Supplies

Celebrate your little girls birthday with a ladybug theme or have a baby shower with one of these themes. The Ladybug Party Supplies are cute, colorful and fun. There are two different color waves one in hot pink, lime green and pink, another in red, black, green and white. Anyone that likes ladybugs will enjoy either one of these themes.

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Ladybugs Party Supplies

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Value Party Pack

The Ladybugs Value Party Pack is adorable and contains 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, 20 napkins, solid-color table cover, 12 balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors) and cake candles.

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Dinner Plates

One large image of a ladybug in hot pink, lime green and pale pink with a big smile on her cute face covers the Ladybug Dinner Plates. One package contains 8 paper dinner plates that measures approximately 9” in diameter.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Dinner Plates

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Dessert Plates

On the Ladybug Dessert Plates we have one cute ladybug with a huge smile. Each package contains 8 paper dessert plates that measures 7” in diameter.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Dessert Plates

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Paper Cups

Cute Ladybugs are marching around the Ladybug Cups against a light pink background. Each package contains 8 paper cups that hold 9 fl. oz. The cups are versatile enough to serve warm or cold beverages.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Cups

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Lunch Napkins

On a lime green background three cute little Ladybug are smiling out at you from the corner of the Ladybug Lunch Napkins. Each package contains 16, 3-ply, paper napkin measuring 6.5″ x 6.5″.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Lunch Napkins

Lime Green Beverage Napkins

It is always good to have extra napkins on hand and these Lime Green Beverage Napkins are a nice match for the Ladybug party theme. Each package contains 50, 3-ply paper napkins measuring 5″ by 5″.


Ladybug Invitations

Mailing a birthday party invitation is always the best thing to do. Children love to receive their own mail. Parents like to have a written reminder of all the party details which are on an invitation. One package of Ladybug Invitations contains 8 invitations with envelopes.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Invitations

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Thank You Notes

Writing and sending a thank you note is proper social etiquette and shows your appreciation. Children should be encouraged to write and send thank you notes. The Ladybug Thank-You Notes package contains 8 thank you notes with envelopes.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Thank-You Notes

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Table Cover

This table cover will not only decorate your party table but it will keep your table top nice and clean. The table cover is made of plastic and measures approximately 54″ x 108″. The kids will love all the ladybugs on the table cover border.


Pink Table Cover

The pink table cover is a good color complement to your Ladybug party theme. This paper table cover has a plastic lining and measures 54″x108″.

Pretty Pink Table Cover

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Centerpiece

The Ladybug Centerpiece is made of cardboard and measures approximately 13″ x 10.5″ x 1 5/8”.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Centerpiece

Ladybug Activity Place Mats

There are 4 paper Ladybug Activity Place Mats with fun games and puzzles printed on the back to keep all the guests entertained. Each place mat measures 11″ x 14″.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Activity Place Mats

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Party Favor Box

Each Ladybug Party Favor Box contains a Ladybug notepad, a Ladybug sticker sheet, a Ladybug blowout, 4.75″ plush ladybug, LadyBug bracelets and a box of 4 crayons.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Party Favor Box

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Empty Favor Boxes

Ladybug Empty Favor Boxes are perfect for the times when you’d like to create your own combination of favors. Simply fill with goodies you mix and match from the selection of favors and prizes you will find on this page. Package includes 4 empty favor boxes. Each measures 6”W x 4”H x 3”D and they are easy to assemble.

LadyBugs Oh So Sweet Empty Favor Boxes

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Sticker Sheets

Kids absolutely love stickers, especially when they are Ladybug Sticker Sheets. They make terrific prizes for games and fun fillers for favor boxes, too. There are 4 sticker sheets with 6 stickers per sheet.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Sticker Sheets

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Blowouts

Ladybug Blowouts are fun party items and take home favors for guests. Package includes 8 blowouts with a large of smiling ladybug.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Blowouts

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Cone Hats

Package includes 8 cardboard Ladybug Cone Hats with elastic chin straps to keep on the little ones head. Hats are easy to assemble.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Cone Hats

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Notepads

Ladybugs Notepads make terrific prizes for games and fun fillers for favor boxes. One pack contains 8 notepads.


Ladybug Foil Balloon

Attach a Ladybug Foil Balloon outside your home to make it easier for guests to find the birthday party. Each balloon measures approximately 18” in diameter.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Foil Balloon


Balloons are very colorful, versatile and make decorating for a party easy. They will turn any room into a party for the occasion. Balloons can be used for bouquets, centerpieces and attached to chairs or your mailbox announcing, the party is here. Each package contains 6 latex balloons, measuring 11″ in diameter.


Crepe Paper

Crepe Paper streamers are an effective way to splash some color around the birthday party room. Mix and match the colors of your Ladybug party theme. Each roll includes 81 feet of crepe paper.


Curling Ribbon

Attach curling ribbon to balloons. A dozen or so balloons hanging from the ceiling or chandelier over a table with colorful curling ribbon flowing down on to the table and floor creates an amazing site. Each roll includes 50 feet of curling ribbon.


Ladybug Pinata

The Ladybug Piñata has a removable sticker that hides the secret location where the candy and toys are inserted. Children can open the large ladybug Piñata by breaking it with a stick or pulling a string to open the secret location. Piñata fillers and a pull string piñata kit are sold separately. The Ladybug Piñata measures 19″.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Pinata

Piñata Fillers

100 Pc Terrific Toy Assortment (Includes: Glider Airplanes, Sticky Hands & Mustaches, Flying Frogs, Snakes, Rings, Bracelets and other small/medium Toys for Party Favor Bags, Piñata, Carnival Prizes, or School Classroom Rewards Box)


Pull String Pinata Kit

Instead of breaking the Piñata use the Pull String Piñata Kit and keep The Ladybug Pinata in one piece. Kit includes trap door release and 20 pull strings.

Pull String Piñata Kit

Ladybug Personalized Birthday Banner

A Ladybug Personalized Birthday Banner adds a nice touch to any birthday celebration. Banners are made of heavy duty vinyl so they are durable enough to withstand serious kids play and all types of weather. Banners also have metal grommets for easy hanging indoors and out.

The latest high definition technology is used to print the banners. Simply select your font and color choices and add your customized message to make your banner truly unique. You will be able to preview your banner and see how it will look printed.

Choose from several sizes:

Standard size: 61″W x 18″H

Medium size: 80″W x 24″H

Large size: 100″W x 30″H

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Personalized Birthday Banner

Ladybug Giant Wall Decals

Ladybug Giant Wall Decals will make the birthday party area buzz. These over sized wall decals are easy to apply and remove from your walls. They are also reusable. After the party use the giant wall decals to decorate your daughter’s bedroom.

Use on smooth, flat wall surfaces.

Decals are made of vinyl and measure approximately 54″W x 44″H.

Set includes 1 huge ladybug (34″ wide), 2 3 smaller assorted ladybugs, 4 banner strips, 8 pastel flowers, 1 light switch cover, a 3″ yellow squeegee and full use and care instructions.

LadyBugs Giant Wall Decals

Ladybug Keepsake Scroll

A Ladybug Keepsake Scroll makes a very nice gift that will always be treasured. The scroll has the name of the birthday girl and the date she was born under the Ladybug header. The scroll then displays the top events, trends, movies, music and anything else of importance that occurred on your child’s birthday.

There are two sizes to select from:

1. 11″x14″ Scroll, with or without a frame (Frame choices include black wood, white wood, golden oak or acrylic box.)

2. 7″x9″ Keepsake Scroll, without a frame, for your child’s baby book.

You will be asked to provide personalized information for your child’s scroll when you check out. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Keepsake Scroll

Ladybug T-Shirt

The Ladybug T-Shirt has 3 Ladybug and the words “LadyBug, LadyBug oh so sweet.” Made of pure cotton and is machine washable. Imported.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet T-Shirt

Ladybug Tiaras

The Ladybug Tiaras are made of foil card stock with glittering antennae in assorted colors of pink, blue and green.

Ladybug Tiaras

Ladybug Headband

The Ladybug Headband is covered in black fabric with soft plush heart antennae.

Ladybug Headband

Ladybug Lip Gloss Key Chain

Very cute 2″ Ladybug Lip Gloss Key Chains have fruit scented lip gloss concealed beneath their wings. These will make nice game prizes or take home gifts for each of the girls. Comes in assorted colors.

Ladybug Lip Gloss Key Chain

Ladybug Cupcake Box

Are you making special ladybug cupcakes for your party? A Ladybug Cupcake Box is the perfect way to keep each cupcake safe and secure for their journey home. Comes in a set of 4 with an adjustable insert and measures 3 1/4″ wide by 3 3/4″ high.

LadyBugs Cupcake Box

Ladybug Tumbler

The Ladybug Tumbler has a removable lid with an attached straw and holds 7 fl. oz. Ladybug are marching around this clear plastic tumbler making it easy to see when a refill is needed.

LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet Tumbler

Ladybug Cake Pan

Making a ladybug theme cake couldn’t be easier with this Ladybug Cake Pan. You have the complete easy to see design on the cake which you can decorate any way you want. The pan holds a regular 2 layer cake mix and measures 10″ by 12″.

Ladybug Cake Pan

Ladybug Food Picks

When you see a ladybug it means you will have good luck and love. Give some good luck and love to each of your guests and place Ladybug Food Picks on each cupcake for them to take home. They are made of plastic and are 1 1/4″ tall.

Ladybugs Food Picks

Ladybug Bean Bag

All your guests will love having a Ladybug Bean Bag. These soft plush fabric red and black Ladybug are 5″ long. They make great game prizes and wonderful take home gifts.

Ladybug Bean Bag

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