How To Make An Agent P Doll

Agent P is the code name for Perry the Platypus, Phineas and Ferb’s pet platypus. Unknown to them Perry leads a double life working for The Agency as a secret agent. The O.W.C.A., a.k.a. The Agency, is a government organization of animal spies. Today Cindy is going to show you how to make an Agent P doll. This is a great craft project for a bit older kids. Or you could make up a few yourself and place Agent P in each favor box.

Agent P

By Cindy Littlefield

Sure he’s the beloved pet of the Flynn Fletcher family, but Perry the platypus is also a crime fighting secret agent whose mission is to foil the misguided mad scientist, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. From the top of his hat right down to the tips of his webbed toes, this felt duckbill is a dead ringer for Perry, or Agent P as he’s also known.

You Will need:

Download the template here for How To Make An Agent P Doll.

* Scissors

* Pins for attaching the template pieces to the felt

* Felt, bluish green, brown, and black* Orange sticky back felt

* Pipe cleaner, cut in half

* Low-temperature hot glue gun

* Handful of polyester fiberfill* Wooden spoon

* 2 white buttons, 3/4-inch or so in diameter

* 2 black buttons, 1/2-inch or so in diameter

* Needle and black thread (optional)


1. Print the template and use the pieces to cut out shapes in the specified colors and types of felt.

2. Glue the pipe cleaner lengths atop one of the felt body pieces, as shown, so that one extends across the top set of limbs and the other spans the lower set. Make sure the lower pipe cleaner extends 1/2 inch beyond the ends of limbs so you’ll be able to attach the webbed feet later.

Agent P-2

3. Place the second felt body piece on top of the first. Glue the two pieces together along all of the edges, except leave the top of the head open for stuffing the platypus. Fill the body with fiberfill, using a wooden spoon handle to gently push it into the tops of the legs (you don’t need to fill the limbs all the way to the tips).

4. Attach a webbed orange felt foot, sticky-side up, to each of the pipe cleaner ends extending from the lower legs, as shown.

Agent P-3

5. Cut a 1/2-inch slit in the base of the remaining two webbed feet. Press these feet atop the attached ones so that the felt goes around the pipe cleaners, as shown. Bend the feet so they are at a 90-degree angle to the legs.

Agent P-4

Agent P-5

6. Press the two bill pieces together with the sticky sides facing, leaving a 1/2 inch or so at the base unstuck, as shown. Do the same with the tail pieces.

Agent P-6

7. Attach the bill and tail to the platypus by firmly pressing the sticky base portions against the felt, as shown.

Agent P-7

8. For each eye, sew or glue on a white button topped with a smaller black one.

Agent P-8

9. Now it’s time to fashion Perry’s signature spy hat. Stack the two felt hat pieces and then glue the sides and top edges together. Wrap a strip of black felt around the hat for a band, and glue the overlapped edges together.

Agent P-9


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