How To Make Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Cupcakes

The only character in Wonderland that listens to Alice is The Cheshire Cat. Through his remarks, he teaches Alice the rules of Wonderland and gives her wisdom and understanding. Just like The Cheshire Cat your cupcakes will quickly disappear and leave a grin behind on your guests face. The instructions are easy to follow with quick results.

The Cheshire Cat Cupcakes

Of all the characters Alice meets up with during her adventures in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing. This mischievous feline has a habit of materializing at will, first in the Duchess’s kitchen, then on the branch of a tree and later in the Queen’s croquet court. Inspired by the crafty cat that bemuses Alice, this cupcake is all grins — and likely to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Thank you, Cindy Littlefield, for the instructions for this cute cupcake.

You’ll Need:

Chocolate cupcakes
Cupcake frosting, tinted light purple or lavender
Sour apple gummy ring
Kitchen knife
Skittles candies, 2 yellow ones for the eyes and 1 purple one for the nose
Black decorator’s gel or icing
A few chocolate sprinkles
Black or purple gumdrop


1. Frost half of the cupcake top, spreading the frosting in a wide arc that resembles a grin.

2. Flip over the sour apple gummy ring so the white side faces up. Cut a small section away from the top of the ring, as shown (an adult’s job).

gummy ring

3. Now score the candy to create wide teeth (again, adults only).

gummy teeth

4. Place the gummy teeth on the frosted portion of the cupcake, pressing down lightly to stick the candy in place.

5. Set the candies for the nose and eyes in place, centering them on the cupcake at the upper edge of the frosting. Top each eye with a small dot of black decorator’s gel or icing.

6. For whiskers, arrange a few chocolate sprinkles on both sides of the nose.

7. For the finishing touch, cut two matching triangles from the gumdrop and use dabs of frosting to stick them in place for the ears.


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