How To Make A Pirate Eye Patch

Wearing an eye patch and dressing up as a pirate just go hand and hand for a pirate birthday party. Cindy shows you how to make a pirate eye patch that you can have ready before your guests arrive. Each eye patch can be individually fitted for each child.

Eye Patch

Pirate’s Eye patch by Cindy Littlefield

These distinctive cover-ups are a cinch to craft out of black foam and sewing elastic. Before the party, make a patch for each “pirate” on the guest list and they’ll be ready to custom fit when everyone arrives.

You’ll need:

* Pirate’s Eye patch template
* Scissors
* Black craft foam
* Hot glue gun
* Thin black sewing elastic


1. Print out the template and use it as a pattern for cutting an eye patch out of black craft foam for each child.

2. Working with one patch at a time, snip a 1 1/4-inch slit in the bottom, as shown. Then glue the cut edges back together so that they overlap a bit, causing the patch to cup slightly.

Eye Patch 1

3. Next, use the tips of the scissors to make a small hole in each of the upper corners of the patch.

4. Cut a piece of thin sewing elastic to a length that is just a little longer than necessary to fit around a child’s head. Thread the ends through the holes in the foam from the front of the patch, as shown. Then knot the elastic ends and gently pull them into place so the knots rest against the foam on the inside of the patch

Eye Patch 2

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