How To Make A Lightning McQueen Mobile

Today there are instructions for how to make a Lightning McQueen Mobile. This makes a great craft project for your birthday party. The kids will enjoy hanging this hotshot rookie race car in their room.

Lightning McQueen Mobile

Cindy has added some Essential Oil to turn Lightning McQueen into an air freshener.

Lightning McQueen Car Air Freshener By Cindy Littlefield

Here’s a craft Cars fans will get plenty of mileage out of — a homemade air freshener that resembles the famous race car that put Radiator Springs back on the map. Younger kids may need a little help cutting out the smaller pieces, but they’ll have fun gluing the shapes together and drawing on the finishing details.

You’ll need:

* Lightning McQueen Car Air Freshener template
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Card stock or heavy weight craft paper (red, black, yellow, light and dark shades of gray, and white)
* Glue stick
* Black marker
* String or thin ribbon (to hang the car freshener)
* Glue dot
* Essential oil (sold at craft stores)
* Small plastic bag


1. Print the template. Cut out the pieces and trace them onto card stock as specified on the template. Cut out the tracings.

2. Assemble the tires by gluing the sidewall pieces to the respective tread pieces, as shown. Then glue the hubs to the centers of the sidewalls.

Lightning McQueen Mobile Assemble Tires

3. Glue the assembled tires to the red car body. Use a black marker to color in the right front tire shape.

Lightning McQueen Mobile Glue Tires Car

4. Stick the lightning bolt decal in place between the left tires.

Lightning McQueen Mobile Add Lightning Bolt

5. Glue on the windshield and side windows, and then the headlights and smile.

Lightning McQueen Mobile Glue Windshield

6. Now your child can use the pencil to draw small circular eyes on the windshield, and curved lines to define the hood, the top of the windshield, the roof, and the corners of the mouth. He can also add details to the hubs. Once he has everything the way he likes, have him fill in the eyes and darken the pencil lines with black marker.

Lightning McQueen Mobile Pencil Lines

7. To create a hanger for the air freshener, fold a length of string or ribbon in half and use a glue dot to stick the ends to the top of the gray car body, as shown.

Lightning McQueen Mobile Add Ribbon

8. Glue the red card body atop the gray one, matching up all the edges.

9. Scent the back of the air freshener with drops of essential oil. For the best results, put the finished air freshener in a plastic bag overnight to let the paper fully infuse the fragrance. Over time, add more essential oil to the air freshener as needed.

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