How To Make A Donald Duck Game

This Donald Duck game is perfect for a circus theme party. The aim of the game is to land a ring around one of the Donald Duck bottles. Each child will make a duck bottle for the parties craft project. At the end of the party let each child take home the piece they made. If the children are too young you can make the game yourself and have it ready for the party. Whatever you decide to do the children will enjoy this Donald Duck game.

Donald Duck Craft Game

Donald Duck Duck Game By Cindy Littlefield

Don’t let Donald’s glaring face scare you, in this carnival-style game, he’s pretty much a sitting duck. The aim is to land a ring (an embroidery hoop or a paper plate with the center cut out) around one of the water bottle decoys. The paper faces are quick to assemble. If you’ve got a group of kids, everyone can make one. Or, once your child has made one, you can speed things up by using your home printer/photocopier to duplicate it.

You’ll need:

Click Here For The Donald Duck Game Template*

Craft or scrapbook paper (white, light gray, and orange)*
Craft knife*
Glue stick*
Black craft paper or black marker*
Clear packing tape or self-adhesive laminating sheet (sold at office supply stores)*
Recycled plastic water or beverage bottles (individual size)


1. Print the template and use the pieces as patterns to cut out a head shape from white paper, an eye panel from light gray paper and a beak from orange paper.

2. Place the head template piece atop the white paper cutout. Use the craft knife to cut a slit in the head along the dotted line (a parent’s job).

dotted line

cut slit

3. Fit the eye panel in place, slipping the top of it under the flap in the head, as shown. Then add pupils (1/2-inch ovals) and you can either cut them out of black paper or draw them on with black marker.

eye panel

4. Draw lines on the beak piece to define the mouth and nostrils, as shown.beak piece

5. Glue the beak to the head tucking the very top under the head flap. Then draw a few more feather lines on the top of the head, as shown, to accentuate Donald’s surly expression.

glue beak to the head

6. Create a Donald Duck face for each bottle you plan to set up for the game. Or simply make photocopies of the first one and cut them out (just stick the face onto a square of dark paper first to create a sharp outline of the head).

7. Tape (or laminate) a face onto each bottle.

8. To play the game, fill the bottles with water and set them up on a flat surface. Whoever lands the most hoops around a decoy in a set number of tries wins!


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