How To Make An Agent P Doll

Agent P is the code name for Perry the Platypus, Phineas and Ferb’s pet platypus. Unknown to them Perry leads a double life working for The Agency as a secret agent. The O.W.C.A., a.k.a. The Agency, is a government organization of animal spies. Today Cindy is going to show you how to make an Agent P doll. This is a great craft project for a bit older kids. Or you could make up a few yourself and place Agent P in each favor box.

Agent P

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How To Make A Rapunzel Paper Doll

Rapunzel, from Tangled, is the latest paper doll princess. Show the girls how to make a Rapunzel paper doll as a party craft activity. Many girls are collecting all the princesses in the Disney princess paper doll collection.

How To Make A Rapunzel Paper Doll

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How To Make A Donald Duck Game

This Donald Duck game is perfect for a circus theme party. The aim of the game is to land a ring around one of the Donald Duck bottles. Each child will make a duck bottle for the parties craft project. At the end of the party let each child take home the piece they made. If the children are too young you can make the game yourself and have it ready for the party. Whatever you decide to do the children will enjoy this Donald Duck game.

Donald Duck Craft Game

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How To Decorate A Firefly Jar

Ray is a firefly, always cheerful, optimistic and hangs-out in the bayous. Most of us won’t be able to go to the bayous and see Ray but, you can learn how to decorate a firefly jar. Inside your firefly jar you can plant and grow water plants or add fake ones to create your own bayous scene.

Firefly Jar

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How To Make A Princess Tiana Paper Doll

This Princess Tiana paper doll will make a nice craft project for your daughter’s Princess Tiana birthday party. If the girls are too young to cut out around the lines and make it look nice, have the dolls already cut out for them.

Now the girls can add Tiana to their collection of paper dolls and learn at the same time how to make a Princess Tiana paper doll. The instructions are simple and easy to follow plus Disney has provided a template for you to use.

Princess Tiana Paper Doll

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