Backyardigans Party Supplies

For your child’s next birthday party consider using Backyardigans Party Supplies. You’ll have everything you need to create a fun birthday party with Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin. Take a few hints and structure your party after the television show.

Each of the five main characters have their own unique personalities. In each of the episodes the Backyardigans sing, dance and go on an exciting adventure.

When you get a party pack you save time and energy because you don’t have to run all over town looking for your party supplies. Each of the items can also be purchased separately.

The main color theme is blue, orange, yellow and green. All the Backyardigans Party Supplies have been gathered together and placed on this page. Hopefully you find that this will make it easier for you to find all the items you need to create a memorable birthday party.


Backyardigans Party Supplies

The Backyardigans Party Supplies Deluxe Pack contains 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity place mats, 16 napkins, table cover, centerpiece, foil balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), confetti and cake candles.

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Backyardigans Pocket Dinner Plates

One package contains 8 paper Backyardigans Pocket Dinner Plates with images of the Backyardigans, Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin. Each plate measures approximately 9″ in diameter.


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Backyardigans Pocket Dessert Plates

The Backyardigans Pocket Dessert Plates are brightly colored with images of Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua. One package contains 8 paper dessert plates that measure approximately 7″ in diameter.


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Backyardigans Cups

Each package of Backyardigans Cups has 8 paper cups that hold 9 fl. oz. The cups are versatile enough to serve warm or cold beverages.


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Backyardigans Napkins

The Backyardigans Napkins have Pablo, Tyrone and Austin as the main images on the napkin. Each package contains 16 3-ply paper napkins measuring 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″.


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Backyardigans Cone Hats


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Orange Beverage Napkins

One package contains 50 orange beverage napkins. Each 2-ply, paper napkin measures 5″ x 5″.


Backyardigans Invitations

Children love to receive their own mail. So, invite all your guests to the party with Backyardigans Invitations. Also, parents like to have a written reminder of all the party details which are on an invitation. One package contains 8 invitations and envelopes.


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Backyardigans Thank you Notes

Children should be encouraged to write and send thank you notes. It shows their appreciation and is a good way to teach your child proper social etiquette. Each package contains 8 Backyardigans Thank You Notes and envelopes.


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Backyardigans Blowouts


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Lime Green Table Cover

The Lime Green Table Cover has a plastic lining which will keep your table top nice and clean. The table cover measures 54″ by 108″.


Backyardigans Centerpiece

This Backyardigans Centerpiece is a cute decoration for your table. It is made of cardboard with images of all the Backyardigans in the backyard or at one of their adventure locations.


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Backyardigans Favor Box

Each Backyardigans favor box contains a Backyardigans mask*,a Backyardigans sticker sheet*, Backyardigans zipper pull*, assorted color-dough, cookie cutter plus 2 maracas all inside a cyan blue with white clouds favor box.


Clouds Empty Favor Boxes

Treat all your guests to colorful, customized boxes. These Clouds Empty Favor Boxes are perfect for when you would like to create your own combination of favors. Package includes 4 empty boxes which are easy to assemble.


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Backyardigans Sticker Sheets

Children absolutely love stickers, especially when they are Backyardigans Sticker Sheets. They make terrific prizes for games and nice fillers for favor boxes. Each pack has 2 sticker sheets with several different stickers on each sheet.


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Backyardigans Foil Balloon

Tie a Backyardigans Foil Balloon outside your door to make sure your guests can easily spot the location of the birthday party. The foil balloon measures approximately 18″ in diameter. A Backyardigans pattern is printed on both sides of the balloon and each may be different.


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Balloons are very colorful, versatile and make decorating for a party easy. They will turn any room into a party for the occasion. Balloons can be used for bouquets, centerpieces and attached to chairs or your mailbox announcing, the party is here. Select balloons that coordinate with your Backyardigans Party Supplies.


Crepe Paper

Crepe Paper streamers are an effective way to splash some color around the birthday party room. Mix and match the colors of the rest of your Backyardigans Party Supplies. Each roll includes 81 feet of crepe paper.


Curling Ribbon

Attaching curling ribbon to balloons that will coordinate with the other Backyardigans Party Supplies will bring your theme together. A dozen or so balloons hanging from the ceiling or chandelier over a table with colorful curling ribbon flowing down on to the table and floor creates an amazing site. Each roll includes 50 feet of curling ribbon.


Backyard Fun Personalized Birthday Banner

A Backyard Fun Personalized Birthday Banner adds a special touch to a birthday party. Banners are made of heavy duty vinyl so they are durable enough to withstand serious kids play and all types of weather. Banners also have metal grommets for easy hanging indoors and out.

The latest high definition technology is used to print the banners. Simply select your font and color choices and add your customized message to make your banner truly unique! You will be able to preview your banner and see how it will look when it is printed.

Banner is available in three sizes; Standard (18″ x 61″), Medium (24″x 80″) and Large (30″ x 100″).

Backyard Fun Personalized Birthday Banner

Pablo 3D Pull String Pinata

Pablo 3D Pull String Pinata has a removable sticker that hides the secret location where the candy and toys are inserted. Children can open the pinata by pulling on a string. Pinata fillers are sold separately. The Pablo Pinata measures approximately 19″.


Pinata Fillers

100 Pc Terrific Toy Assortment (Includes: Glider Airplanes, Sticky Hands & Mustaches, Flying Frogs, Snakes, Rings, Bracelets and other small/medium Toys for Party Favor Bags, Piñata, Carnival Prizes, or School Classroom Rewards Box)


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Backyardigans Cake Topper

A quick and easy method for making a theme cake for your party – just add a Backyardigans Cake Topper Uniqua measures 2.75″ x 1.75″ x 2″ and Pablo measures 2.75″ x 2″ x 2.5″. Also included is the 5″ sign. Plastic.

Backyardigans Cake Topper

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Backyardigans Birthday Candle

This cute birthday candle is hand painted, clean burning and measures 2-3/4-inchs high.


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Backyardigans Party Game


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Uniqua Jumbo Foil Balloon

Tie a Uniqua Jumbo Foil Balloon outside your door to let your guests know where the Backyardigans party is at. They won’t miss Uniqua she is approximately 36″ in diameter.


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Backyardigans Bubble Tumblers

Real cute Backyardigans Bubble Tumblers with assorted character wands. Each tumbler measures 5″ high and comes with 2-oz. bubble liquid. They make wonderful game prizes and take home gifts.


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