Abby Cadabby Party Supplies

Abby Cadabby Party Supplies are cute, colorful and fun. Abby Cadabby is a fairy in training, her powers are limited, but she can pop in and out of thin air, turn things into pumpkins and she floats when she is happy. Abby is also learning how to count and draw letters which she thinks is magical.

Is one of your daughter’s favorite characters on Sesame Street Abby Cadabby? Why not surprise her with this party theme for her next birthday. When your daughter sees the Abby Cadabby Party Supplies she is sure to use Abby’s catch phrase “That’s so magical!” The main color theme is hot pink, turquoise and lavender.


Abby Cadabby Party Supplies

The Abby Cadabby Party Supplies Deluxe Pack contains 8 dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity place mats, 16 napkins, table cover, centerpiece, foil balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), confetti and cake candles.

Abby Cadabby Lunch Plates

One package contains 8 paper Abby Cadabby Lunch Plates. Each plate measures approximately 9″ in diameter. Abby Cadabby Party Supplies is an officially licensed Sesame Streetâ„¢ product.


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Abby Cadabby Dessert Plates

The Abby Cadabby Dessert Plates comes packaged in sets of 8 paper plates that measure approximately 7″ in diameter.


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Abby Cadabby Cups

Each package of Abby Cadabby Cups has 8 paper cups that hold 9 fl. oz. The cups are versatile enough to serve warm or cold beverages.


Abby Cadabby Napkins

The Abby Cadabby Napkins come in a package of 16, 3-ply paper napkins measuring 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″.


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Abby Cadabby Table Cover

The Abby Cadabby Table Cover has a plastic lining which will keep your table top nice and clean. The border has the same large images of Abby Cadabby that are on the other party items which will bring your party theme together. The table cover measures approximately 54″ by 108″.


Hot Magenta Table Cover

The Magenta Table Cover is made of paper with plastic lining and measures approximately 54″ x 108″. The hot magenta color coordinates well with the other Abby Cadabby Party Supplies.


Abby Cadabby Cone Hats

The Abby Cadabby Cone Hats are made of cardboard with an elastic chin strap to hold them in place. There are 8 hats in each package.


Abby Cadabby Sticker Sheets

Children absolutely love stickers, especially when they are Abby Cadabby Sticker Sheets. They make terrific prizes for games and nice fillers for favor boxes. Each pack has 4 sticker sheets with 6 different stickers on each sheet.


Abby Cadabby Blowouts

Abby Cadabby Blowouts are a fun party item and take home favor for guests attending the birthday party. Each package contains 8 blowouts.


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Abby Cadabby Foil Balloon

Tie a Abby Cadabby Foil Balloon outside your door to make sure your guests can easily spot the location of the birthday party. The foil balloon measures approximately 18″ in diameter. An Abby Cadabby pattern, the same pattern used on all the Abby Cadabby Party Supplies, is printed on both sides of the balloon and each may be different.


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Balloons are very colorful, versatile and make decorating for a party easy. They will turn any room into a party for the occasion. When you use balloons in the color range of the Abby Cadabby Party Supplies it pulls everything together for a complete theme look. Balloons can be used for bouquets, centerpieces and attached to chairs or your mailbox announcing, the party is here.


Crepe Paper

Crepe Paper streamers are an effective way to splash some color around the birthday party room. Mix and match the colors of the rest of your Abby Cadabby Party Supplies. Each roll includes 81 feet of crepe paper.

light-pink-crepe-paper  turquoiselavender-crepe-paper

Curling Ribbon

Attaching curling ribbon to balloons that will coordinate with the other Abby Cadabby Party Supplies will bring your theme together. A dozen or so balloons hanging from the ceiling or chandelier over a table with colorful curling ribbon flowing down on to the table and floor creates an amazing site. Each roll includes 50 feet of curling ribbon.


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